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Today, I needed to send an audition to Dixie at Bawdy Storytelling. Dixie is in San Francisco, and I am in Atlanta, so I needed to utilise 21st century methods in order to submit my story.(What's the story, you ask? Oh, just about the time I burnt my damned vulva with a vibrator, and because I have a spinal cord injury, I didn't know I had managed to accomplish that feat..until it got infected. Believe's quite the tale. My doctor's office is still laughing about it, 6 years later.. Gimp world problems!!!).

I got my friends to use my phone to record the video, and tried to upload it to Google Drive, via the app. Didn't work. Kept exiting out of the fucking app. The video was too damned big to try to send to Dixie on FB, and I could not use the useless mail app. I sat in my car, cursing, and trying to figure out a way to upload and send it for 45 minutes, before I decided to pack it in, and drive home. I downloaded the video off of the phone and uploaded it onto drive, and emailed it, no problem, using my laptop. It was just highly frustrating that I could not figure out how to do it off of my phone, and I was too tired to think of how to convert it to something that was easier to send. I now realise why older people are often intimidated by technology, and not sure how to utilise it. Fuck, I am not sure how to utilise it, and I was someone who was a tech savvy kid- in the 80's. (I like to joke and say that I am an O.G.- Original Geek) I was online as a late teen in the early 90's and met my wasband on Match.Com when it was a Beta site in 1995. Well, how else was a black girl in Arkansas going to meet a white, British, Cambridge graduate?lol Incidentally, today was his birthday. I joined him, his fiancee, our daughter, and the puppy for a lovely birthday dinner. Then, I went to my friends' house to record the aforementioned video. Somehow, I felt it would be inappropriate to ask my former husband and his soon to be wife to record me talking about using a vibrator(albeit the WRONG way), even though I am always giving them cool sex toys and gadgets from my conferences....

...and so much for getting to bed before midnight. I have a shit ton of work to do, tomorrow. Hopefully, Dixie will see the video, and welcome me with open arms to participate in her show. Fingers crossed..
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